8 oz.
Smoke PET bottle with black Model 300™ trigger sprayer.

8 oz Neon Mist
Clear PET bottle with assorted neon green, orange, purple, and pink Model 300™ trigger sprayers with matching, decorative stem coils.

16 oz. Barber Pole
Clear PET bottle with nostalgic red, white, and blue barber pole, shears, and combs graphic with white Model 220™ trigger…

8 oz. Mini
Natural HDPE bottle with black or white Model 220™ trigger sprayer. Ideal for custom imprinting.

Improves Safety, Saves Money, Less Fatigue, Durable, 32 oz.

Black Micro Sprayer with Light Blue Bullet Bottle Easy to Handle, Micro Mist Spray Pattern, Non-Leaking

16 oz. Shear Mist
Clear PET bottle with the original trademarked black Shears and Comb graphic and black Model 300™ trigger sprayer.

8 oz. Triangle Bottle with Sprayer 8 oz. Translucent Smoke PET with matching Trigger Sprayer